Virus Measures Taken at Airports in the New Period | Covid-19 Measures

Virus Measures Taken at Airports in the New Period | Covid-19 Measures

Virus Measures Taken at Airports in the New Period | Covid-19 Measures

Flight flights were stopped as part of the Corona process. Within the scope of the normalization process, flights resumed. So, what measures have been taken at airports against Covid-19? What measures will be taken in airplanes? What are the measures taken by airline companies after the Corona virus? What measures do airlines take for coronavirus? What are the rules that passengers must follow within the scope of these measures? Here is the article on the measures taken at the airports in the new period, which includes all this information, prepared by the Set Your Transfer team for you.


Aircraft Precautions Against Coronavirus

In terms of normalization process measures, while information boards explaining the social distance rule were placed on all sides of the airports, it was also prohibited to enter the airport without a mask within the scope of the measures taken at the airports in the new period. After completing the flight, the planes will go through a detailed cleaning process with disinfectants under the control of private hygiene teams, in compliance with the rules determined by national and international civil aviation authorities. Tables, seat belts and arm rests that passengers may come into contact with will be constantly cleaned with disinfectants. Magazines on board will be removed within the scope of hygiene measures. Again, there will be masks, gloves and disinfectants inside the aircraft.


No Contact at Checkpoint


Within the scope of Corona virus measures, security guards will make body searches with a detector. At the same time, the body temperature of the passengers coming to the airports is measured with thermal cameras and smart helmets located at the entrance of the terminal. Passengers with high fever will be sent to health institutions instantly. Passengers are also forbidden to carry hand luggage for a safe flight. Special devices will be placed at the entrance gates to clean the passengers' luggage. These devices will clean the luggage with ultraviolet lights.


Cabin Attendants Will Measure Fever


Before the flight begins, the cabin crew will measure the passengers' temperatures again. There will also be existing hygiene experts on board.


There will be no queue in the aircraft corridor


There will be no queue and contact in the aircraft corridor. Passengers will be called according to their sequence number by announcement Passengers will wait from the rear row to the front row for boarding, and from the front row to the back row for landing.