Dalaman Airport Transfer

Dalaman Airport Transfer

Dalaman Airport Transfer

Dalaman airport is located in Dalaman district of Muğla. Dalaman Airport, which has been operating for nearly 40 years, has a capacity of 10 million passengers per year. The most suitable airport for our guests who prefer Fethiye Hotels for holiday is Dalaman Airport. Holiday resorts close to Dalaman airport are mainly;

• Datça • Sarıgerme • Göcek • Dalyan • Fethiye • Ölüdeniz • Akyaka • Marmaris • Selimiye • Köyceğiz •

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There are 52 large and small bays around the peninsula. Datça, known for its Knidos Ancient City as well as its magnificent bays, is one of the most visited tourism spots in Muğla. During the summer months seen a significant increase in population due to domestic and foreign tourists who come to Datça peninsula, the key points of the yacht tourism in Turkey. Please click here for DATÇA-DALAMAN AIRPORT TRANSFER.


In addition to Dalaman Airport, Sarıgerme, which is a holiday destination for those who come to Muğla due to its proximity, is in the Ortaca district of Muğla. Sarıgerme, which is one of the favorite stops of surf lovers with its wind blowing continuously, attracts attention with its increasing popularity in recent years.



Fascinated with its green cover consisting of pine trees, large and small bays and islands, Göcek has six marinas. Göcek, which is one of the places that are the pupil of Turkish tourism, has a very intense sea traffic since it is the starting and ending point of the boat tours called 'blue voyage'. Please click here for GOCEK-DALAMAN AIRPORT TRANSFER.


Dalyan, which is a neighborhood of Ortaca district, gets its name from Köyceğiz Lake Dalyan. Iztuzu Beach, located in Dalyan, on the main canal connecting the lake and the Mediterranean, welcomes hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists every year. Those who come to the beach can also find the opportunity to see the areas where the Caretta Caretta turtles lay their eggs in danger of extinction. Please click here for DALYAN-DALAMAN AIRPORT TRANSFER.


Fethiye, which attracts tourists from all over the world with its ancient cities such as Telmessos, Kadyanda, Telos and rock tombs belonging to the Lycians, as well as the famous Lycian Way and beautiful beaches, passes as the second most populous district of Muğla. Fethiye, which has a very favorable structure for sea and cultural tourism, also attracts attention with its magnificent bays and untouched nature. For FETHIYE-DALAMAN AIRPORT TRANSFER, please click here.


While those who swim at the Belcekız Beach, located right next to the sea, are struggling with turquoise waves, the calm waters of Ölüdeniz resembling the lake give peace to their visitors with their calmness. Ölüdeniz, which is shown among the most beautiful beaches of the world with its fine sands, is also a world-renowned region with paragliding jumps over Babadağ and diving spots. Please click here for the ÖLÜDENİZ-DALAMAN AIRPORT TRANSFER.


Akyaka, which impresses with its Azmak River and its unique nature, is also home to Sedir Island, the largest of the triple island group filled with ancient ruins in the Gulf of Gökova. Cleopatra Beach on the island, which can also be reached by boats departing from Akyaka, has a very rare sand type in the world. Many measures are taken on the island to prevent damage to these sands that are under protection. Please click here for AKYAKA-DALAMAN AIRPORT TRANSFER.


It is one of the indispensable travel routes of summer with boat tours where you can visit the bays such as Marmaris, Turunc, Bozburun, Icmeler, Marmaris Museum, Marmaris Castle, Taşhan Arch Bridge. In addition, Baca Cave and Ayın Bay, which are the places that should be visited by those who like to dive, provide an opportunity to encounter unforgettable views underwater. For MARMARİS-DALAMAN AIRPORT TRANSFER, please click here.


Turkey's most important yacht harbor used to be one of the sweetgum financing Selimiye also found that sheep, with unspoiled nature and stunning views, as well as the tour held in Marmaris, one of the most popular stops Kızkumu famous. You can find the opportunity to walk on the sea in the warm and clean waters of Kızkumu, which attracts countless visitors to Orhaniye village where it is located. For the SELİMİYE-DALAMAN AIRPORT TRANSFER, please click here.


With its magnificent nature, Köyceğiz, which has taken its name from the Köyceğiz Lake around it, has recently become one of the most sought after addresses for TV series and filming. In addition to the lake, places such as Ekinci Bay, Sultaniye Hot Springs, Ağla Plateau are also among the places that should not be returned without being seen in Köyceğiz. For KÖYCEĞİZ-DALAMAN AIRPORT TRANSFER, please click here.