9 Absurd Questions Asked About Turkey by Foreigners

9 Absurd Questions Asked About Turkey by Foreigners

9 Absurd Questions Asked About Turkey by Foreigners

Tourists coming to our country for many years, or we face with numerous inquiries from domestic-oriented Turkey of the countries we visited. We noticed that most of the questions we received were misunderstood information and mostly prejudices. We are also trying to break these prejudices. Here are some of the prejudices that are likely to come across when you go to a foreign country or when you meet a foreign tourist, or that make you give up and say "never mind", or we try to tell the truth:

1. You can speak Arabic, right?

And yes, this is the head of the prejudices I mentioned above. When you hear about it, you don't need to be too angry. Because we have been living with Arabs for years and we have many Arabic words in our language. Let the last sentence come from İsmet Özel: "When we omit foreign words from Turkish, we cannot speak anything; because 'any' is Persian, and 'thing' is Arabic. "

2. Are you all playing oriental?

Most likely, this bias stems from Eurovision. When thousands of the people are listening "Düm tek teke" s, "Rimi rimi ley", and they think we are all playing oriental maybe this is the natural result. By the way, while I was writing this, "Ya elil Yelil" came to my mind, my heart moved. The guys know us :)

3. Isn't Istanbul your capital city?

No. The capital city of Turkey is Ankara.

4. Why do you Turks always have a mustache?

Mustache is from the glory of Turks.

5. Do you live in the desert and ride camels?

Another advantage of being close to Middle Eastern countries as a location. It is thought that you cannot pass through deserts and camels in the country. Send a few green Bursa photos to those who think, and let's close this topic here :)

6. You are still ruled by the sultanate, right?

We were 623 years of Ottoman heritage let it come across as a question between so many cultural-social-economic diversities. Let them ask, we will explain ...

7. When crossing from the Anatolian side to the European side in Istanbul, isn't it difficult to show a passport every time?

In fact, although it is interesting for us to ask this, it makes perfect sense for citizens of other countries. Because there is no city in the world spread over 2 different continents other than Istanbul. Naturally, this is very strange to foreigners.

8. If you're Turks, why don't you have fez in your head?

Again, it is a question stemming from the misrepresented Turkish image "Why don't you wear fez?" When faced with this question, it should not be taken too seriously. "I forgot it at home, because of that I am not wearing it." "In the dry cleaner." "I don't have a fez to match the t-shirt and pants I'm wearing". "I'm waiting for the new model of the fez Adidas produced a special for Turkey." There are many things to say like that.

9. And, of course: you can marry with four women in Turkey. Is it correct?

Of course, it is not true. According to the civil law, you can be married at the same time only with one woman.

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